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Birthdate:Sep 3
Location:Arlington, Texas, United States of America
Website:Worm Salad
Tattooed herpetology graduate student.

Likes: archosaurs, temnospondyls, phylogenetic systematics, developmental biology, heterochrony, photography, snakes, paleontology, geometric morphometrics, Colorado, orange juice, tetrapods in general, parasites, ecdysozoans

Dislikes: pretentious assholes, oppression, fish, dinosaurs, bad data, plants, writing grants

Interests (115):

alligators, ambystoma, archaeology, archosaurs, archosaurs not dinosaurs, arvo part, atheism, basal crocodylomorphs, bayesian statistics, beethoven, berlioz, bizet, books, bouldering, camping, cephalopods, cervantes, charlotte: sea-green not purple, cladistics, coelacanths, coelacanths (which are terrifying), coffee, copepods, crocodiles, crocodilia, daniel jackson, dead russian dudes, deep time, delicious orange juice, developmental biology, digeneans, diprotodon, dostoevsky, dvorak, ecology, elgar, euhaplorchis, evolution, evolutionary biology, fairy tales, fantasy, faust legends, feminism, fencing, folklore, fossils, ftm, gender roles in folklore/literature, geology, gnathostomes, gogol, green tea with honey, greenland sharks, greenland sharks (copepods hooray!), haydn, hesperosuchus, horrible parasites, junggarsuchus, kharms, kit marlowe, kiwi (bird), kiwi (fruit), kiwi (kiwi!), leopard seals, lissamphibians, lizards, markov chains, maximum likelihood, megalania, molecular systematics, morphological systematics, museums, mythology, natural history, orff, pachelbel, paleontology, pancakes!, parsimony, phorusrachids, phylogenetics, placodonts, potatoes, pretending to be cool, quinkana, raspberries, ratites, rauisuchians, rauisuchians (phylogenetics be damned), ravel, really super horrible parasites, saint-saens, salamanders, schubert, schumann, science, science fiction, science writing, semicolon abuse, sex gender and toast, sexuality, shostakovich, skuas, smetana, snakes, sphenosuchians, squamates, statistics, synesthesia, tapeworms, tuatara, very bad books, very good books, web design, writing
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